Supported Living

Our Approach

IDEM LIVING was established to provide warm, caring and safe environments, where adults can live and develop, enabling them to achieve their full potential. This is achieved through careful planning of individually tailored programmes to meet their needs and promote independence. We ensure that all of our homes follow IDEM LIVING’s person centred approach maintaining that the adults we support are at the centre of all decisions and actions. The outcomes we achieve with the people we support are celebrated throughout the company and shared to the multi-disciplinary teams, we believe that no dream is too big for the people we support and we want them to dream bigger.

IDEM LIVING has values that run throughout the company that we want for our teams and people we support such as;

Developing autonomy – We support choice making with just the right support for the adult to empower them and promote their autonomy and protect their safety at the same time.

Creating success – Engaging in any activity is a success. We work creatively to increase engagement and are flexible in our approach. We make engagement a pleasurable and successful experience.

Giving purpose – Individuals with complex histories require a reason to care, and a reason to want to get out of bed in the morning.

Transparency & responsibility – We have a duty of candour. This means we are transparent about what we do, including when things go wrong and we apologise for our role when this happens. This is taking responsibility for our actions, not apportioning blame. If we take responsibility for what we do, we inspire individuals to have responsibility for their actions

Consistency – We have an agreed approach to support and all team members work consistently together.

Open minded – All team members listen to each other and are open to the ideas of others.

Supportive & Emotional awareness – Team members are self-aware of their own emotions and actions, and the emotions and actions of their colleagues. We support each other when times are trying. As a company we promote development for the people we support and for our teams we believe that we can achieve, we want to achieve and we want nothing but the best for those being supported by IDEM LIVING.

Our Homes

Manor View

Manor View is a large, well presented four bedroomed detached house. It comprises of paved gardens to the front and rear and boasts a large conservatory to the rear of the house in which we have transformed into a games/chill out area for the people we support to use at their leisure.
Situated at the edge of Croxteth Park it is accessible within a five-minute walk, where the people we support can enjoy all the amenities the park has to offer.


Mayfield is a large house in Huyton with space for 3 people we support enabling each to have their own Lounge as well as Bedroom. There is also an enclosed garden at the rear of the property with a swing and space for summer fun and BBQ’s. Whilst Supporting Adults actively encourage the people we support to interact with each other we also appreciate that sometimes the young people like their own space. The Senior support and night Supporting Adults have been in situ for around 5 years and seen our people we support grow and progress from teens to young men.


Bishopgate is a single supported tenancy close to the hustle and bustle of Liverpool city centre. The tenant who lives here enjoys the convenience of the location and prefers to live alone. When he approached IDEM LIVING we were able to continue support him in the house he had lived in for many years. IDEM LIVING are focused on respecting peoples choices and giving our people we support the ability to choose where and who they live with.

Grove Park

Grove Park is located in the area of West Derby. It’s a 4 bedroom property which backs on to Croxteth country park which gives easy access for leisurely stroll through the park. Grove Park is a supported living accommodation which provides support for adults with autism and epilepsy.

Grove Park is a happy and friendly place to live with Supporting Adults showing compassion, empathy to the people at Grove Park it’s a family environment.

As a service it’s paramount that high standards are met to the people we support also giving each individual guidance and encouragement to reach their full potential in a non judgemental way.

Trent Close

Trent Close is a lovely and welcoming area of Croxteth, the neighbors give a real sense of community. The Team at Trent all have good Supporting Adults morale and work well together to achieve for the people we support. Croxteth Park is within walking distance which allows for a peaceful walk and various activities. There are local transport links within walking distance to travel to Liverpool City Centre.

Trent is a 4 bedroom house that supports up to 3 adults with autism, mental health and learning disabilities. The team will always push for the best outcomes for the adults we support. As it is their home we ensure that we push for the highest standards, we push to help them develop their living skills in order to be as independent as possible.

No dream is big enough for the adults we support and we want to take them on their journey and help them succeed in their own personal way.

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